We are a Competitive Swim Club swimming in the Arctic Waters of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Since 1999 we have been building not just successful swimmers, but successful people.




The mission of the Northwest Narwhal Swim Club is to support participation in athletics through a well organized competitive swimming program offering all members the opportunity to develop their individual capabilities and an in-depth respect for the traditions of teamwork, self determination,

dedication, lifelong learning and athletic activity to

the fullest extent possible, and to promote an atmosphere where the athlete can develop confidence, a

positive self-image, a healthy body, and an optimistic attitude towards life while having the utmost of fun.





The Northwest Narwhal Swim Club started out as one coach and one swimmer and very supportive parents.


The coach and the parents of the swimmer sat down and decided that it would be a good idea to start a club, so in October, 1999 we applied for Club status. In January 2000 the governing body of Swim Ontario gave the Northwest Narwhal Swim Club membership in their association.


The Club was established to provide a competitive, team oriented, swimming alternative to existing Clubs in

Thunder Bay for all interested swimmers.


The Northwest Narwhal Swim Club depends upon parent volunteers and paid/Volunteer professional coaches.





The purpose of The Narwhals shall be:


To further the interest and education of all interested   parents and children in the sport of swimming.


To encourage and develop good sportsmanship, individual integrity and positive team atmosphere for all club members


To openly communicate with all coaches, officials and The Narwhals’ members concerning the needs of all team members and parents regarding the sport of swimming.


To provide the appropriate level of funding necessary to further the swim program for all The Narwhals’ Members.


To promote competitive swimming on the local, regional, national and international levels.


To schedule, organize and hold swim meets.